Thursday, February 28, 2008

Technology Hell

I bought a new printer this week. My old one has been contrary for the last year so I decided it was time. My husband and I visited several stores and finally found a young man who seemed knowledgeable and he helped us select a printer that could be hooked up wirelessly to both our desktop and two laptops. It is also a model that allows you to buy a larger cartridge and save money. Yippee!! I'm always ready to save money.

My question was, "Will I be able to hook this up by myself?"

"Oh yes. You just hook this cord to your printer and the other end to your router and install the software."

All right. I could do that. Three days later after an online chat with the maker's tech department and two phone chats with them I finally figured out it wouldn't work because the cord that came with my printer is a phone cord and I need an ethernet cord. Now, I guess if I was tech savvy, I'd have known that, but I'm not. I thought everything I needed came in the box.

Fortunately we had one on hand and now all three printers are humming along.

Now I have to program it for fax. I dread discovering what I'm going to be in for. Hopefully it will be much easier.

Happy printing!