Monday, February 4, 2008

Rose Lerma

An Unexpected Boon

Boon? Now there’s a word you might not be familiar with, unless you read historical romances. It means a good thing, a blessing.

Last year in June, I had a book signing in the little foothill community where I live. A man came in and bought my book, Seducing Annie, for his wife who was unable to attend. Little did I know the woman was also an author, well known in her field of biographies. Nor did I know she had founded a local group of writers and their 3rd annual conference was coming up in the spring of 2008.

But you sow some seeds not knowing what—if anything—will pop up.

At the end of December 2007, I had a message from the author asking if I’d participate in the conference by putting on a romance workshop. I was honored, believe me I was, but I’m not a public speaker. I returned the woman’s call fully intending to politely refuse. Next thing I know, she has me convinced that not only can I do it, but others would be grateful for the knowledge I share. Well heck, put that way, how could I refuse.

Besides, count the boons!
1. I get paid for it.
2. Free exposure, my bio and my books will be featured on their website and in their bookstore at the conference.
3. I just might pick up a fan or two.

Rose Lerma