Friday, January 25, 2008

The Call, by Angela Ashton

I've always loved a good story and I read a lot of different genres. As a child, I had an itch to write, but wasn't sure I had what it took to write an entire novel. In Feb. of 2002, I started reading a book that was just awful and wondered how on earth it ever got published. I thought, even I could do better than this!

So, I put myself to the test. Did some research (actually had a session with a woman that does past-life regressions--that's another story, lol) and wrote my first novel, Amulet of Fate. It took me 4 months of mostly long weekends, but the book practically wrote itself and when I thought it was ready, I researched the publishing process. The agents don't want you unless you have prior publishing experience and the big publishing houses don't want you unless you have an agent...or know somebody!

Sent my ms to a few agents that asked for the the entire ms, but I was asked to make asked me to completely remove the heroines best friend...and another wanted me to remove the dream sequences. Well, sorry, but if I made those wouldn't be the same book! I didn't change anything, discovered I was going to have a third child and shelved the ms for a few years. lol. Didn't write anything else during that time, then I got this idea for another book about a pirate that washes up on a beach centuries after he was supposed to have died....*grin*

At this same time, a friend at work told me her daughter's co-worker had a book published via Publish America. I cringed, for I'd read horror stories about this publisher. But I started wondering about Amulet of Fate and pulled it back out, dusted it off, and sent it to a few ebook publishers. I received an offer from one and emailed Champagne to let them know I was going to sign with another...but was convinced Champagne would be the better choice and I'm glad I went with Champagne.

As a self taught writer with no prior history and no writer's groups, I feel very lucky Ellen was able to appreciate the story I was trying to tell. She hooked me up with an awesome editor that has become a dear friend to me and I have to say I've learned so much about the writing and editing process from her.

The stories never stop popping into my head. I dream about them and always trust my characters to guide the story. I'm often surprised, but never disappointed. I've completed 4 1/2 ms's now...with many others in the works. Once A Rebel was actually the 4th book I wrote, but the 2nd one published. Adrian's Angel, a time-travel tale involving the infamous Salem Witch Trials, was my third and is still in limbo right now. Corsair Cove, the second book and the one about the pirate, will be released via Champagne books in Aug. 2008. (My editors personal fav.!)

Until next time, happy reading!


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Amulet of Fate (read the reviews on my website)

Once A Rebel (Book 1 in the Orphan Train series)

Corsair Cove (Aug. '08)