Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Michael W. Davis

(a.k.a Big Mike)


Author of: Tainted Hero (Champagne books, 12/07), The Treasure (Golden Acorn Publishing, 12/07), Forgotten Children (Champagne books, 6/08)

In a future post, I’ll discuss methods for promoting your novel, which will include “obtaining independent reviews.” I thought I might offer a glimpse of what getting that first review can be like. Why now? Because I just got my first review on TAINTED HERO, and it seemed appropriate to share the experience.

There are numerous websites set up to review new novels. The process of getting that review can be involved, but it’s important to your success. The good news is that it can have a high return on your investment in time. The down side, it can be an emotional roller coast. Case in point, my first review.

About a month ago, I forwarded numerous advanced read ahead copies to various review sites. Then I waited, and I waited. As would be expected, there was lots of anticipation, lots of uncertainty. Would they like it? Was it really as good as everyone told me, or were they just being nice? What if they didn’t like it? What if they hated it? My Lord, this was my first fiction novel. Maybe it wasn’t as good as I though. Maybe the publisher will . . . oooooo.

Then it came, late in the night, my first review. “Holy cow. 5 out of 5 stars”, “Reviewers Best Pick." Imagine a 280-pound dude doing the "shake your booty" dance around the room (now that’s really a scary image, isn’t it.)

Then thirty seconds later, apprehension set in. "How am I ever going to do that again. I can't possibly expect 5 of 5 on each book." I felt little needles race down my back. Then I realized I was being a potato head. “Of course you can't always hit home runs, live the moment, and just enjoy the writing process. Don’t worry, be happy. If you never get one again, at least you got this one.”

That worked for a few seconds, until my wife chimed in and said, "I knew they'd love it, and I expect the same on the next one." Instantly, the needles started running circles on the few hairs I have left. I wanted to reach across and slap her on the butt. "Hey, cut me a little slack, Babe. Don't you think that's a bit unrealistic?" With a straight visage, she replied, "Nope. You can do it."

The needles on my back morphed into daggers firing from my eyes. I wanted to say something, something really clever, maybe a little nasty. Instead I just shook my head, whispered something under my breath, and walked upstairs for a glass of wine.

Till next time

Big Mike

Oh, one more thing. I’m running a contest at my site Davisstories.com for the first paperback copy (of course it’ll be signed, its my first chance to autograph a fiction novel.) Come check it out at the contest page before the drawing ends on 1/30.

Oh, a second thing, you can see the actual review of TAINTED HERO here.


Miss Mae said...

The link to the review didn't work for me.

Loved your post, by the way!..:)

Miss Mae


Big Mike said...

Thanks mucho Miss Mae for pointing out you couldn't get to the review. Had one too many "http:" 's in there. Appreciate the feedback.

Big Mike