Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kimber Chin

Romance Avatar

Aspiring writers are told “write what you know”.

Kimber Chin took that advice to heart.

She knew two things… business (based on decades in new business development) and romance (based on falling and staying in love with the man of her dreams).

She has combined these areas of expertise to write modern contemporary romances set in the business world. Her first romance, Breach Of Trust, will be released May 2008.

Kimber Chin has led product launches at numerous Fortune 500 companies. She enjoys consulting, drafting capital winning business plans and assisting start ups. She is an entrepreneur, a blogger, and a wife.

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Kat said...

Okay, let me see if this works. I blog maybe once every 2 months so I forget how to do my responses. Testing just like you are.

Kat Hall said...

I like the way this blogger works. So much easier than some of the others that I have been to read. I like this simplicity.