Monday, January 28, 2008

The Joy Of Writing

With ten novels published I’ve come to the conclusion that the writer’s joy isn’t just in the writing of the stories, though that counts for endless hours use of a free-wielding imagination. The pleasure is in the reaction of the readers. My enthusiasm for writing multiplies in proportion to the extra circumstances involved with each reader. For example: one husband I know buys each of my books to read to his very sick wife who can no longer see well enough to read on her own.

Just before Christmas, a distinguished well known gentleman called and asked for a current release because his MS-stricken wife enjoyed None So Blind when he bought it for her last year. I told him I had two printed releases this year, one with older characters in Alaskan Magic, who she might enjoy. The other one, Retreat To Danger, was geared to a younger reader. His response was to buy both of them. It wasn’t the sale that excited me, but the pleasure of knowing my imagination not only entertains, but takes the reader out of her world to venture into mine. How great is that?

Publication by the two small presses that I’ve been associated with--Champagne Books and Wings ePress has been nothing short of magic for me. For a writer to be given free reign to bring characters to life as she sees fit speaks well not only for encouragement but for the publishers’ daring and excellence. Carol McPhee

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