Saturday, December 22, 2007

BIO Angela Ashton

My name is Angela Ashton. My real name is Angela, Ashton is a pen.
I love to read just about anything, but my favorite has always been a good historical Scottish Romance. Yum! Also, love time-travel & stories with a magic twist.
I live in the mid-west with my family and work full time. I write early morning/ late night and learned to thrive on very little sleep.
I've penned ideas for several stories, Amulet of Fate was my first labor of love. I have 2 other books coming out with Champagne this year. I'm currently working on a pair of tales about the Djinn. I just completed a time-travel manuscript set in the heart of the Salem Witch Trials and will review it again after the first Djinn book is finished. For me, writing is very therapeutic. I love the characters I create and get more excited with each plot idea.
Amulet of Fate, available now
Once A Rebel, January 2008
Corsair Cove, August 2008