Saturday, December 29, 2007

BIO - Michael Davis

Michael W. Davis

(a.k.a Big Mike)

Author of: Tainted Hero (Champagne books, 12/07), The Treasure (Golden Acorn Publishing, 12/07), Forgotten Children (Champagne books, 6/08)

I was born in North Carolina, but moved to Maryland as a teenager. At the tender age of seventeen, I fall in love with my wife. We were married two years later. In the next decade, I obtained a degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Masters in Operations Research. In the years that followed, we raised two terrific sons and I supported my family working for the military and intelligence sector. In 2005 I retired, moved to the Piedmont area of VA, and began my new life as a writer. My current fiction endeavors include: Tainted Hero (12/07), The Treasure (12/07), Forgotten Children (6/08), and Blind Consent. Excerpts are available at

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