Sunday, December 16, 2007

BIO - Linda LaRoque

Hello fellow readers and authors,

I was born and reared in Texas. My father served in the Air Force and we spent several years at Harmon Air Force Base in Newfoundland. With all the enthusiasm children have, I learned to ice skate, and snow sled, but ran from the house at the screams of lobsters when my mother threw them live in the cook pot. Back home in Central Texas, I went bird hunting with my father and brother, not by choice I might add, and learned to pick and chop cotton. I wasn’t good at either so got sent to the house to help my grandmother.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed reading, but it was my 6th grade teacher, Miss Mayfield, I can thank for hooking me on the written word. From her I learned that with books I could visit the far corners of the earth and be an active participant in a multitude of adventures. Every day after lunch, with our heads down to rest, she read to us and we explored one quest after another. From then on, books were my best friends and like many young people in school, I had one open when I should have been doing other things.

As a public school teacher, I spent my summers reading. I’d love to say I’ve always written, but alas, that’s not true. In 1990, after reading a number of romances, I said to my husband, “I can write a book. It doesn’t look that hard.” After several months of struggle, I admitted, “It’s much harder and more involved than I thought.” But I persevered and after joining numerous writing organizations, critique groups, and attending many writing conferences, I finally finished my first book. It took me eight years and has been rewritten at least five times. When the Ocotillo Bloom was released in February 2007 by Wings ePress. February 15, 2008 my short time travel A Heart’s Desire will be published by Dark Eden Press. And I’m thrilled to announce that Champagne Books is publishing Forever Faithful in February 2009. Dreams can and do come true when you work hard to achieve them.

Please browse my website at and read excerpts of what I write.