Wednesday, December 19, 2007

BIO Carol McPhee

An avid reader of romance novels ten years ago, I wondered why I could never find stories making use of the rugged beauty of Nova Scotia. I set out to create such a story, and then to get it out of my head, I began to write it down. After joining Romance Writers of America and helping form a chapter of the organization in Halifax, I was able to learn more about the techniques of presentation. My stories are the result of that first effort and speak of the invaluable help I received from husband, Karl, who taught me to use the computer and is my biggest fan. Workshops, other published authors, and most of all, my online critique groups have enabled me to bring my imagination to life in my quest to entertain readers. I still often write about Nova Scotia--None So Blind, Undercover Trouble and Means To An End, but I've widened my scope with settings in the Canadian Rockies, Alaska, and Maine. Please check out my published works on my website at: